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Vacuum Packaging Pouches

Brand : OEM

Product origin : Wenzhou, China

Delivery time : within 14 days

Supply capacity : 15 tons per day

Product Description:

As technology leader of flexible packaging material, Yinco is the perfect factory manufacturer in China.

Yinco concentrates on food packaging solutions for food's freshness and safety; innovational packaging solutions for functional requests from customer, such as Vacuum pouch& film, Embossed bag& roll, Thermoforming film,Lidding film, Lamination& Printed film, Shrink bag& film ……

Product Advantages:

1. 3 PA layers totally and PA surface layer, perfect puncture resistance;
2. EVOH layer and 3 PA barrier layers, high barrier performance;
3. PE layer direct contact food, very healthy;
4. Oxygen transmission rate less than 1 cm3/m2.d.bar;
5. Moisture transmittance less than 5 g/m2.d;
6. mLLDPE sealing layer, with excellent sealing performance.

Technical Data:


9 layer Multilayer Co-extrusion PA/PE film

Seal Format

3 sides sealed, 2 side sealed, bottom sealed


12”*12”, other sizes are also workable;



3mil/70um; other thickness also be available.

Sealing Temp Range

120-175 C, 248-347 F

Tensile Strength and OTR values

2-3 cc/100 sq in


Up to 9 color surface printing


FDA/CFIA/SGS/ISO compliant. BPA free.

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