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Tray Lidding Film

Brand : OEM

Product origin : Wenzhou, China

Delivery time : Within 14 days

Supply capacity : 15 tons per day

Product Description

The lids on today’s food products play an all-important role not only in protecting the product contents but in reinforcing the brand identity. The lid offers a product billboard that may be the most visible surface to the consumer, depending on how the product is displayed.

Tray Lidding Film is frequently a laminated construction. It can include alu foil, paper, polyester, polypropylene, PET and other metalized or non-metalized films. Tray Lidding Film is frequently used as a closure on plastic cups or bowls for products such as yogurt, soups, cookies, meats, cheeses, single-serve cereal and many other food products. It is also used on packaging for such non-food products as hardware, small electronics parts and others.

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