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Registered AddLonggang, Cangnan, Zhejiang Province, China
Type of businessVacuum Pouches
Main MarketGlobal
Established in2016
  • Zhejiang Yinco New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Yinco New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise which is committed to the development, production and sales of multi-layer co-extruded high barrier film. We imported the most advanced 7&9-layer co-extruded film production lines and 11-layer casting production line from Canada, installing them in our GMP workshop. And we established a professional technology research and development team. Our products have passed the   assessment and authentication of ISO9001, QS, CE, ROHS and so on, matching to the US FDA food safety testing standards. And they’re 100% recyclable materials produced, in full compliance with environmental health requirements.

Our products are widely used in the packing of meat products, snacks, electronic products, medical products, daily necessities and so on. To be the leading enterprise of packing industry in China is our goal, and we keep developing new products to improve our competitiveness, while insist on quality first.

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